GPS Phone Silencer


Introducing the GPS Phone Silencer.  This android application will automatically change your ringer status to ringer, vibrate or silence depending upon a set schedule or on your current GPS location.

Current Settings Screen

This screen show your currently set location and schedule settings.  Using the context menu allows you to delete preferences.

Home Screen

Home screen shows the current settings

In Range of Work

Indication that user is currently in range of the "Work" location

Location Preferences

Add locations to trigger changes to your ringer.  Add a location (longitude & latitude) and select a ringer type (On, Vibrate or Silent) to add a location preference.  Once added, whenever you enter 100 meters of this location, the ringer indicated will be selected.

Set your Workplace to vibrate so that whenever you approach your work your phone will automatically switch to vibrate.  Never will you have to remember to manually set your ringer!

You can use the handy button to select your current location which will enter the Longitude & Latitude information for you.

Adding a Location

Adding a location preference and setting the ringer status

Schedule Preferences

Add a set schedule to trigger changes to your ringer.  Add a time of day, day of the week and select a ringer type (On, Vibrate or Silent) to add a schedule preference.  Once added, at this time of day, the selected ringer will be selected.

Set Monday – Friday at 8:00 am to Silent to ensure that your ringtone will never go off during work hours.  Set 5:00pm to set your ringer back on.  No more embarrassing moments at work caused by a ringer.

Setting up a Schedule

Setting up a schedule item

Look for it in the Android App Store!

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